True Tales of the Illuminati

True Tales of the Illuminati


True Tales of the Illuminati is about conspiracies. Ah, yes, conspiracies–where the strings of history are carefully pulled from behind the scenes to dance for the powerful like a puppet. In True Tales, the powerful are less puppet-masters and more… finger puppet-masters. At best. Promoted from the Department of Cover-Ups to Direct Action, Deputy Head Underboss Rebecca and her crew of hapless idiots intrigue, scheme, and stab their way into ruining every Illuminati conspiracy. Supervisors hastily deploy staff to cover mishaps, suddenly and inexplicably lose interest in the projects they proposed, and hand down endlessly diverse and contradictory demands. The result is an absurdist, farcical office comedy where going to work involves collecting thousands of birds and creating an elaborate snake-based series of traps. Why? Well, if you want to know the Illuminati’s Secret Occult Knowledge, you’ll just have to listen. Illuminati, Ollominoto!

Beck is asked to build a library for the Secret Occult Knowledge. Imhotep is bribed into constructing a tall pointy thing with the promise of birds. Jackie and Ishmael see the inside of a head.

CW: deadly workplace situations

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