Putting 2&2 Together

Putting 2&2 Together


What do you do when the sh*t has already hit the fan? A former comic book artist out to re-invent himself. His estranged sister who isn’t ready to forgive. The mild-mannered accountant who loved them both. And the ever-expanding world around them all. Join Tommy Hanson and friends as they become the best versions of themselves by “Putting 2&2 Together.”

Tommy and David have a romantic night planned together. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile Walter gets a surprise when he visits Estelle. Written, Directed, and Produced by Peter Cosmas Sofronas. Starring (in order of appearance) Dan Murray as Tommy Hanson, Adam Heroux as David Sharpe, Rachael Rabinovitz as Hayley Gettelman, Alexander Pirnie as Walter Gettelman, Ed Fell as John Hanson, Ilkka Eskelinen as the Man on the Street. Sound Engineering by Dan Murray. Sound Editing by Peter Cosmas Sofronas. Theme Music by Valerie Forgione. Special Thanks to Patrick Cleary. The original play Two and Two Together can be purchased at Amazon.com. For further information, please visit petersofronas.com.

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