Life With Althaar

Life With Althaar


An SF sitcom for your ears about an unlikely human/alien friendship in the unluckiest place in Human space.


music, lyrics, and dialogue by Ian W. Hill and Berit Johnson

for Gemini CollisionWorks

except “Credit Music,” composed by Anna Stefanic

and “Surfin’ Bee,” original music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

all arrangements by Berit Johnson

produced, mixed, and engineered by Ian W. Hill

1. Althaar Welcomes You!

2. “Life With Althaar opening credit music (instrumental)”

3. Althaar on Dee and Xtopps!

4. “Danube Planum”

5. Althaar on Xtopps’s Audition!

6. “Surfin’ Bee”

7. Althaar on Space Shanties!

8. “Around the Rings of Saturn (excerpt)”

9. Althaar Introduces a Duet!

10. “Baby, It’s a Vacuum Out There”

11. Althaar Enjoys Interstellar Cultural Exchange!

12. “The 38 Days of Qo’rqish (excerpt)”

13. Althaar Doesn’t Get a Joke, but Likes the Song Anyway!

14. “Beyond Uranus”

15. Althaar Thanks You and Says Goodbye for Now!

16. “Life With Althaar closing credits music (instrumental)”

performed by

Zuri Washington — lead vocals (tracks 4, 10, 14)

Derrick Peterson — lead vocal (track 10); backing vocal (track 4)

Anna Stefanic — piano (tracks 1, 10, 16); additional synth (track 6)

Ian W. Hill — electric guitar (tracks 4, 14)

Berit Johnson — computer-programmed instruments (tracks 4, 6, 10, 14); Stylophone GEN X-1 (track 14); additional piano (track 14); Althaar


The Helium Freighter Crew Chorale (track 8):

Eli Ganias, Ian W. Hill, Chris Lee, Derrick Peterson & Alyssa Simon

and most of the Life With Althaar cast as the Qo’rqish Lament Singers (track 12)

special thanks to Thomas C. for parodic advice

Entire Production © 2020 Gemini CollisionWorks


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