W.E.F.U.N.K. #1

W.E.F.U.N.K. #1


Wefunk Records longtime provocatuer, Mike Clip Payne brings his retro brand of Raw Funk/Brown and Blue Eyed Soul to your world…. Payne, a 34 year veteran of the Hall of Famed Parliament Funkadelic Entourage who has decided to DJ and share his Whirl of Soul with the Planet. Most of the Music he plays is the MOD of “The ” era for LIFE and ocassionally he’ll play an original song from his cast of Freinds, Signed and unsigned Artists as well as George Clinton’s new signings. Both CLINTON and PAYNE take you on a musical trip with their rare grooves from a World Wide Funk Scene notorious for Blowin Minds!!! Press Play and Listen [itunes pic]
1. Make It Good JAMES BROWN 2. My Friend BASKERVILLE 3. The Man DRUGS 4. Fussin’ and Fightin’ PRIVATE SCHOOL featuring Steve Boyd 5. I Care PRIVATE SCHOOL featuring Steve Boyd 6. All My Life JOEY EPPARD and DRUGS Rx 7.Seen Enough Pain JOEY EPPARD and DRUGS Rx 8.Amplify BIG OLE’ NASTY GET-DOWN 9.Thank You JOEY EPPARD and DRUGS Rx 10.Alabama DRUGS 11. Hudson River DUKE and THE KING 12.Last Man Standing LIGE featuring Paul Hill 13.Imagine GOTCHA ALLSTARS featuring Mary Griffin 14. Wake Me Up BIG OLE’ NASTY GET-DOWN feauturing Belita Woods

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