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“I always thought that I would be very angry at God and so bitter and robbed but I saw the silver lining. There was so much beauty in it.”

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Noel Elie. Noel is an actress, filmmaker, director, writer, and CEO of Noel Elie Productions. She has appeared on television shows like Dynasty, Shark Tank, Blue Bloods, and Shades of Blue. Noel is now working on a book that honors her mother’s legacy all while building one of her own.

In this Episode of Uncreative Radio, Noel shares the heartbreak she endured during and after her mother passed away from cancer. Through this pain, she was able to find resilience and grace that amplified her love for acting. From this, she began booking more jobs and “allowing the grief to hit whenever.” Losing her best friend was the hardest thing Noel had ever experienced. Looking back, she laments at the memory of her mother asking her to be present with her while Noel was on her phone answering emails or posting on Instagram. Noel felt guilt in a way it freed her and through her experience, Noel gained a new perspective on life. She began posting less on social media, shifted her complete focus towards acting, and began writing a book to encapsulate her journey.

“For me, I’ve now experienced how short life is and I want my song to be heard and her song to be heard.” For more original series and inspiring videos, check out our YouTube Channel. Here, you can stay up to date on the latest happenings inside the studio and check out art you won’t find anyplace else.


We Live. We Speak. We Create.

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