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Ken Steele Music Worldwide


I like most genres of music. My favorite music is jazz/chill and ambient. I also will post new dance, oldies and specialty music when the need hits me. I try to post music that has some kind of emotion and or feeling to it. Also, music that makes me think, and hopefully you, about good times and even sad times. Check out my assorted genres of music here on my page. If you have any questions on artist and song titles, or have any requests, just drop me an e-mail to just to say hello. Thanks for giving me a listen… Ken Steele [itunes pic]
My Secret is an erotic chill music podcast by Ken Steele. Always the best new music on the planet. Artist names and song titles are in order of play…KAZUKII-DIVISION (original mix), MELLON GI-NIA (Mr. Herbalizer Remix), TANTRA-KISS ME (original mix), STERLING ANGEL-BETRAYAL (original mix), BLOOMFIELD-JE T’AIME (original mix), SVEN VAN PAAPEN-FALLING DOWN (original mix), SLACKWAX-NIGHT OUT (original mix), AYDIO-DELTITNU (original mix), SOUL BALLET-MY SECRET (original mix), SIMON LE GREC-LOSING YOU (Downbeat Mix), STERLING ANGEL-MY WINGS (original mix), WITHOUT FACE and WITHOUT NUMBER-LA COCCINELLE (original mix), DESPINA VANDI and SCHILLER-DESTINY (original mix), ANTHONY LOUIS-KISS ME (original mix), STEEN THOTTRUP-IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT (original mix), STUMBLEINE-TRY TO REMEMBER ME (original mix), MINDAUGAS JAK-IDILE (original mix), ALEKSEY BELOOZEROV-GIVE ME YOUR FAITH (feat. Jama)(Jane Maximova Remix), FLAER SMIN-ALONE IN THE DARK (original mix), ENGIMA-GRAVITY OF LOVE (original mix), JACK SPARROW-GOOD OLD DAYS (original mix), VON D-SHOW ME (Skream Remix), THIEVERY CORPORATION-UNTIL THE MORNING (original mix), BLISS-BREATHE (original mix), ENIGMA-TILL MY DYING DAY (original mix), NUSOUND-THE MOMENT ETERNAL (original mix), Rain and thunder as ending. Thanks for listening from Ken Steele.

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