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House Music Culture. A Podcast For The Culture Of House Music called BLEND LA. Discussions of the origins of House Music, the pioneers of House Music, insights to the underground culture, artists interviews and showcases, music reviews and research. Blend LA is to dedicated to the preservation, education and the groove of House Music. Hosts are DJ Big D and DJ Dayslayer of The AMP Collective.

Blend LA Podcast hosts, DJ Big D and Dayslayer sit down with LA based Deep Soulful House DJ PACE to talk House Music Culture and DJ life in Los Angeles, pre-Covid in the Arts District LA.

One of the best conversations yet! PACE is so funny, high energy and knowledgable and passionate about House Music.

So much that he even recorded a dope mix to close out the brotherly roundtable!

Learn about PACE’s beginnings in Cleveland to Chicago to Los Angeles.
His stories are informative and really really humorous at times. Fantastic talk.

A big hello to Passionate DJ in Dayton Ohio.

Went to a Frankie Knuckles annual Thanksgiving party in The Chi.

Shout out Maurice Manley II, Executive Barber and Leadup Podcast

and LA House Music Legend, Terence Toy

He touches on the LA House Music scene from the late 90’s and beyond.

One episode not to miss, for sure.


The AMP Collective

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