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A Strangely Isolated Place


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The Portland based, Optic Echo Presents show has been a great supporter of ambient music throughout the years and as the man at the controls, Mike has continually helped showcase unknown, local, and of course, some of the best ambient music you can find on vinyl. One example here.

This guest mix for OE Presents was originally broadcast on Mike’s show on Xray FM this week, and I had a clear concept in mind for the mix as soon as I was invited. While the OE Presents guest mixes can choose any format, I wanted to adhere to the same rules that Mike does for his own shows – vinyl only…

As we’re all sat at home during the lockdown, wondering what life is like for others in the same situation, (or in some instances imagining life in a far away world…), I pictured a situation where I was scanning through FM radio stations and listening in on various moments – different worlds, weird sounds, some recognizable, some jarring, and some comforting. I thought it would be a nice moment once this mix was broadcast on Xray FM, as if this moment was being bounced back to me from another planet. (OK, I think through concepts way too much sometimes).

This mix was, however, very nearly thrown in the trash. I accidentally recorded it in mono and once I had realized this mistake, I got pretty annoyed as anybody would. But then I gave it some time and listened back, and felt the aesthetic suited the overall concept and theme pretty well – especially as an FM transmission. Our trusty friend todos even polished the mix a little to help bring out the frequencies.

I’’m a big believer in vinyl sets capturing a moment in time. Digital sets you can repeat, perfect and start again (and they have their own benefits), but this one was gone, and despite the mistake, in my eyes it adds a little charm knowing this set as you know it (and like all live vinyl sets) will never be repeated again in 100% the same manner, and I can refer back to the exact memory this was made.

Despite the clear concept, I didn’t know what tracks I was going to play once I started and was digging into my shelves ad-hoc (the best kind of digging). You’ll find early ambient music from pioneers such as Pauline Oliveiros and Steve Reich, alongside some modern ‘classic’ artists such as Aphex Twin and Seefeel. A time-agnostic Intercepted Transmission.

Big thank you to Mike for the invite and opportunity. Check out all of the mixes over on Mixcloud or subscribe to his podcast.https://www.mixcloud.com/opticecho/



1. Pauline Oliveiros – I of IV [Odyssey, 1967]
2. Arovane – The Storm [CCO, 2000]
3. Christina Vantzou – Music For a Room with a Vaulted Ceiling [Temporary Residence, 2020]
4. Blinkar från Norr – Other Days [A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020]
5. Pauline Anna Strom – In Flight Suspension [Rvng Intl., 2017]
6. Autechre – Piezo [Warp, 1994]
7. Aardvarck – U Are, When U Not Think [Crowd, 2019]
8. Aphex Twin – On (D-Scape remix) [Warp, 1993]
9. Sophia Loizou – Silver Nemesis [Kathexis, 2016]
10. Skanfrom – Midnight Romance [Thrill Beat Construction, 2001]
11. Aphex Twin – On [Warp, 1993]
12. Blanck Mass – Chernobyl [Rock Action, 2011]
13. Murcof & Vanessa Wagner – Farewell O’World O’Earth [Infiné, 2016]
14. Secede – The King Of Sanda [Lapsus, 2019]
15. Susumu Yokota – Gekkoh [Leaf, 1999] / Steve Reich – Come Out [Odyssey 1967]
16. Seefeel – Through You [Too Pure, 1993]
17. Neozaïre ‎– Graves Creek Tab [Fauxpas Musik, 2016]
18. Low – The Son, The Sun [Sub Pop, 2018]
19. Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhem R. And Me [Raw Material, 1984]

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