Women of Substance Music Podcast

Women of Substance Music Podcast


Podcast featuring the best new music by Female Indie Artists and Female-Fronted Bands in all genres hand-picked by Bree Noble. Women of Substance Radio has provided a platform for female Indie talent since 2007 and was transitioned into a Podcast in 2014. Each show features 10 – 15 songs and Host Beth Matthew provides interesting tidbits about the artists..

To get live links to the music we play and resources we offer, visit www.WOSPodcast.com

This show includes the following songs:

Gaby Castro – The Fight FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Katie Tich – Close My Eyes FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laini Risto – Just Enough FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Cheryl Dickson Neal – Never The Same FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lucid Evolution – Glow Like The Sun FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kimberly Haynes – The Dream FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jeannine Barr – Victory FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kristine Cox – This Moment

Hannah Schzde – Shine FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Silvermouse – Beyond the Dream FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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