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Zero Squared


The Diet Soap podcast began in 2009 in response to the economic crisis of 2008. Since then it has gone through many transformations, including becoming the podcast for a critical theory imprint out of the UK.

Today the Diet Soap podcast is running under its original name for Sublation Media.

Sublation Media includes a book publishing effort for critical theory and left politics, a magazine that covers current events and theoretical issues, youtube videos on theory and politics, and finally the Diet Soap podcast. The podcast is where we continue to interrogate the left and each other while having a good time.

Susanna Kleeman, the author of the novel Twice, announces her upcoming podcast/video series Fatal Dates. Fatal Dates is a show about real connections in unreal times, it’s about men and women, it’s about love and lovelessness. Picking up on Baudrillard’s book Fatal Strategies, Kleeman will attempt to move beyond reason and modernity into the abyss and mystery of the symbolic, and she’ll do it one virtual date at a time.

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