Big Idea To Bestseller

Big Idea To Bestseller


Ever wanted the ultimate hype man to help you write your dream book? That’s exactly what 3x bestselling author Jake Kelfer and his guests will do. You’re going to learn everything you need to turn your big idea into a bestselling book so you can grow your business, make a massive impact, and become the go to authority in your field. Jake will take you through each phase of the writing process and teach you how to use your book as a fast pass to scale your business and achieve success.

Each week Kelfer will pull back the curtain and reveal all the secrets of what it takes to write and launch a book that will change your life and business. Whether you want more credibility, you want to book more speaking engagements, or you simply want to share a powerful message, this podcast was made for you. Let’s goooooo!

It’s time to get funky…

Week 6 of Project Bestseller was an unexpected shake-up from the norm. With travel, a keynote, Halloween weekend, and much-needed rest, Jake was able to navigate his schedule and trust the process to still move the needle on his book’s progress.

Tune in to hear how Jake stays present, continues to enjoy the book-writing process, and stays in line with his timeline to write and launch a bestselling book in 90 days or less!

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