No Bleeps

No Bleeps


From the Youtube Channel “Spill Sesh” we’re bringing you Spilly herself to spill the tea in a whole new way! We’re getting UNCENSORED on this podcast and talking about all the things we can’t discuss on Youtube! From personal theories, drama that happens behind the scenes, to interviews … This is THE place to be to get the scoop with no bleeps involved! Last month Tiktokers Benji Krol (19) and Jeyjey Gardi (18) were hit with massive allegations from an anonymous Twitter account. Benji spoke on the allegations almost immediately and denied any claims, but later posted a large statement admitting there was some truth to the story. He has since come out with a Youtube video detailing everything, in hopes of clearing his name. Send in your questions on Twitter or by email! Twitter: Email: Follow the Podcast on YoutTube! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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