Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast

Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast


This is a show for down-to-earth entrepreneurs who want to use social media to market your biz, but you might need a little help. Every week, we’ll be dropping a new episode with actionable tips for making the most of the time you spend on social. You’ll hear stories from other entrepreneurs who are bumping and grinding just like yourself, and we’ll chat about the best ways you can share your story on social (while keeping your sanity).

Ready to batch-plan your social media content in the easiest + most strategic way?

Have I got a special treat for you… Today, I’m sharing a snippet from one of the lessons in my online course The Social Map! We’re chatting about how you can create multiple social media posts from one concept or theme, so you spread your message to more people and your audience actually retains the info!

This quick tip episode will take you from I have nothing to post about to Oh shoot, I have way too much to post about.

Tune in to learn about one of my favorite batch planning tips: post stacking!

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