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Helping creators determine how the news affects their careers and projects. Join Bandrew Scott every Sunday evening as he deconstructs the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news to help you avoid the hysteria and focus on what’s important; creating content. On occasion Bandrew also shares insights into creating for the Podcastage YouTube channel which has over 130,000 subscribers and 25 Million views.
On episode 232 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube’s announcing they are going to age restrict a lot more videos and what this means for you, I also talk about YouTube battling voting misinformation for the 2020 US Election.

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – YouTube Automatically Age Restricting More Videos

– YT Blog:
– Age Restricted Blog:

10:00 – YouTube Fighting Voting Misinformation

– YT Authoritative Voting:
– Bipartisan Policy Center Post:

17:15 – Telefunken TF-11 Fet Condenser:
19:00 – WYHTS: Multi Track USB Mixers
20:15 – Outro

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