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Learn Urdu along with Shireen and the rest of the Urdu Seekhiye community. Check out the website for other free goodies, and video lessons on the Urdu Alphabet! https://urduseekhiye.com. Be sure to follow US on your favorite social media platform! Want to suggest ideas for the podcast or the Urdu Seekhiye channel? Email US at shireen@urduseekhiye.com. If you know anyone who might benefit from this podcast, consider sharing it! If you are benefiting from it, please consider giving us a review on iTunes. Thank you!! In this episode, learn how to figure out whether a noun in Urdu is feminine or masculine. Listen until the end to see if Shireen passes Travis’ quiz of some really difficult nouns in Urdu. We realize there are some really difficult words in this episode so be sure to download the free PDF that comes with this episode.

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