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This episode does not fit into our theme of beginner episodes, but with all that’s happening in the United States, we had to include this poem on the subject of the Black Lives Matter movement. This poem is by Aslam Gurdaspuri (a living poet). He can be found on Facebook if you want to learn more about him and see the complete poem.

The YouTube video of the news anchor reciting the poem can be found HERE. (he starts around 2:36)

The music in the intro & outro is by Mughal-e-Funk, the track is called Babar.

A special thank you to Naeema for her translation of this poem and for sharing her insightful interpretations which we hope will spark your interest in Urdu.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to go to the website www.urduseekhiye.com/e20 or find us on any of our social media pages. Of course you can also email Shireen directly at Shireen@UrduSeekhiye.com.

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