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The Language Mastery Show


The Language Mastery Show is a weekly podcast bringing you expert tips for getting fluent anywhere in the world. I’m your host, John Fotheringham, a linguist, teacher, and the author of Master Japanese and Master Mandarin. For show notes, free articles, immersion resources, and more, visit Jim and May describe themselves as a “gringo/Mexican international couple” on a mission to connect English speakers to the Spanish-speaking world. Their excellent podcast, YouTube channel, blog, and Spanish immersion retreats in Mexico help learners bridge the gap between learning and actually living in Spanish. In the interview, they share what they have each learned in their own language learning journeys, their best tips for learning Spanish, and favorite resources for immersing yourself in Spanish right at home. For show notes, visit For more about Jim and May and tips for learning Spanish, visit 🤿 Master Any Language, Anywhere! Want to learn a language through at-home immersion instead of boring textbooks or expensive classes? My detailed language guides will show you exactly how. Check out my Japanese guide here 👉🏼 Check out my Mandarin Chinese guide here 👉🏼 ❓Ask Me a Question! Got a question about language learning you’d like me to answer on the show? Leave me a voice recording and you might here my response on the next episode! Record your message here:

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