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Learn Real Polish Podcast is for everyone who wants to improve their Polish speaking and listening skills using theories of learning languages from Dr. Steven Krashen and Dr. James Asher… My name is Piotr, I live in Warsaw and I know what you feel. I’m a learner of English and Spanish too. You can read, you can write, but speaking and understanding is still difficult for you. Poles speak too quickly, sometimes they cut some words. You need to know that the problems in understanding spoken Polish is very common. Fortunately, there is a method. Start listen to my podcast and consistently implement my advice, and you’ll see how quickly you will improve this skill.

This time my guest is Alessandro, and so I decided to record our conversation not only with a microphone, but also with a camera. Alessandro speaks Polish very well and learned to speak Polish extremely quickly, for me this is a great example that you really can speak Polish fluently after two years of learning. How Alessandro did it, how he learned, how much he studied, what he read, what he listened to, I think you will learn all this just from our conversation.

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