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Hi, I’m Nancy Buswell and I’ve been teaching people how to improve their English for over 16 years! I’m an American who teaches in a university in southern China. The Ten Questions ESL (English as a Second Language) Podcast is for people around the world who want to improve their English listening comprehension and English accent (intonation). I produce two kinds of podcast episodes. 1) TQ: My original idea was the Ten Questions ESL Podcast. I interview native and non-native English speakers and ask them the same ten questions. You can practice your listening comprehension and learn about other people and other cultures at the same time. 2) LnR: These podcasts are for people who want to improve their intonation and pronunciation. I say a sentence or phrase and you can repeat after me. The LnR podcasts with even numbers (such as 042, 044) have dialogues that I write that use informal speech, that is, the kind of language that friends use with each other. The LnR podcasts with odd numbers (such as 043, 045) use selections from novels, poems or speeches. In December I simplified my podcasts and stopped making the Sun3 episodes, and changed LnR into two kinds: formal and informal language. I’m just one person doing all of this,because I like podcasts and I love helping people to improve their English. My goal is that my podcasts will help individuals around the world as well as English teachers around the world. If you are an English teacher, please share these with your students and/or use them in class. If you are an English-language learner, please share these with your friends, classmates and teachers.

LnR 118 (Casual Language) Side Hustle (Replay)

Hi, I hope that everyone is doing well. The U.S. is finally getting serious about trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. We are supposed to stay at home if we can. I’m in a small town, so we aren’t very worried about it, though we are being careful. Other places in the country have more cases of the virus and are facing stricter rules about staying inside. I know that my listeners in other countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, have already faced many problems because of the virus. I wish all of you the best. This podcast episode is about having a “side hustle”. Right now I am working on several side hustles, mainly involving selling online and writing ebooks. A couple years ago I tried selling bookmarks on Amazon. It was an interesting learning experience, but it was also a failure! I learned how to contact a Chinese company to make the kind of bookmark I wanted. That was good. But losing money because no one bought the bookmarks on Amazon was not good. I should have done more research before I chose that product. I liked giving bookmarks as a gift, so I thought other people did, too. Anyhow, I have boxes of unsold bookmarks under the bed in the guest bedroom of my mother’s house, where I live. If you are thinking of doing a side hustle or two or three, I encourage you! Be sure to do enough research before you start, though. I learned the hard way! From Nancy at nancy@missbuswell.com.

LnR 118 (Casual Language) Side Hustle

A: Hey, do you want to go see a movie tonight?

B: Nah, I want to work on my side hustle.

A: Your what? What do you mean?

B: My side hustle. It means a part-time job, in addition to your full-time job. Usually it means starting an online business.

A: Oh, really. I’ve never heard that expression before. I guess I could say that I have a side hustle, too. I’m writing a short ebook about how to take care of hamsters. I love hamsters and know a lot about them. I’m going to publish the ebook on Amazon Kindle.

B: That sounds great. My side hustle is selling things online. I’m actually still doing research on the best way for me to do it.

A: I’ve heard you can make a lot of money as an affiliate seller.

B: What’s that?

A: That’s when you sell someone else’s product, usually on your own website. You get a percentage of the sales price. You can sell real products, like things on Amazon, or digital products, like computer programs or online courses.

B: Wow, I need to do some more research! Thanks for telling me.

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