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Visual Revolutionary


Because we are interested in people’s story, and not what type of gear they use, we introduce a new much needed podcast in the world of photography and cinematography. Featuring in-depth conversations with some of the world’s leading photographers, filmmakers, and other visual revolutionaries, we are bringing you the backstory on how some of your favorite artists got to where they are today.

Photographer and filmmaker Dennys Ilic joins the podcast to tell an inspiring story of finding photography later in life while working jobs he wasn’t happy with, to building a career that would take him from retail camera sales to shooting with subjects like Jason Momoa and Daniel Radcliffe. During our conversation Dennys talks about growing up in Australia with a passion for cinema and television and how he was able to go from being a huge fan of shows like StarTrek, to standing on the newest iteration of the USS Discovery as a photographer with access to all it’s newest cast members and story lines. Although Dennys had built a very successful wedding videography business with his ex wife while still living in Australia, he found himself severely depressed in a relationship that he wasn’t happy in, living what felt like someone else’s dreams. Throughout our conversation, Dennys talks about how he was able to leave that world behind and have the confidence to pursue the things in life that brought him happiness, and how he tries to pay it forward as a mentor to those seeking their own creative paths.

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