Wild At Art

Wild At Art


Artists are all around us. Maybe they left the corporate world for their artistic alter ego, or maybe they have always chased a life in art. From painter to artisan, designer to welder, photographer to writer, these are inspiring stories about unlocking the creativity inside us all. We dive in to find out how they do it, why, what they sacrifice and what they can teach us about ourselves. What muse or demons drive them to push their art form forward? And how they invent, innovate and create every day with passion and energy remaining wild at art.

Our title, “It’s not just a job – it’s an adventure” is an 80’s tagline from the US Navy and particularly apt for this episode with Summer Skillman. Summer joined the Navy as a nuclear engineer and traveled all around the world. She talks about her time in Japan where her artistic and entrepreneurial spirit began to flourish, creating and marketing origami flowers. Unlike many artists Summer is blessed to be using both sides of her brain – an engineer – she’s an upbeat and practical marketer, plus she’s deeply artistic, talented and an enthusiastic creator. Today she lives happily in the Shenandoah Mountains where she is inspired by the natural landscapes to create beautifully moody paintings.

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