The Living Artist

The Living Artist


Professional artist Preston M. Smith of PMS Artwork shares his insights, personal experiences in the art world and humor to help dispel the myth of the starving, or tortured artist. Instead, he sets his sights on the positive, abundant and joyful side of living this creative life. Preston shares his playful rants on a wide range of creative topics as well as interviews with interesting working artists, creatives and trendsetters from around the world.

In this episode of The Living Artist, Preston relaxes into the topic of “settling” in our art and careers. Is it okay to settle, or compromise our integrity as artists? Preston gives many examples of settling in our art and how to change our mindset and even factor in a bit of compromise in our art practice. We are always adapting as artists and the concept of compromise and integrity will also change as we advance in our careers. Should we never settle, or should we learn to be more malleable as artists? Listen to the episode and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

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