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Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your art or understand how to profit from it, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn the practical strategies you need to learn to sell your art plus develop a confident mindset in order to succeed. Not only is profiting from your passion possible but it’s also common. We dive into topics such as social media marketing, selling art online as well as shifting your mindset to banish your inner critic and overcome impostor syndrome and beat starving artist syndrome to the curb. Professional artist Miriam Schulman of speaks to top marketing experts like Amy Porterfield, Gretchen Rubin, Suzy Ashworth, and leaders in the art space such as Ashley Longshore, Lilla Rogers, Lisa Congdon, and Austin Kleon.

Life’s lessons can come from unexpected sources. Looking back on my days working on Wall Street, I realize I was marketing myself even when I was an employee. So no matter what kind of work you do: for someone else, or for yourself, marketing matters.

> Marketing is about making yourself memorable.

What we’re unpacking in this episode:

– Extracting marketing lessons from my experience on Wall Street
– What you can learn about selling art from purse parties
– Refining your presentation skills and elevator pitch

There are so many more nuggets to be taken from this experience that I share here, such as knowing your clients and understanding how to present your art in terms that excite collectors versus the way some of us default to describing styles and mediums of art. I share a story about how the host shared her art collection with me, and it’s a great example you don’t want to miss.

> People always collect art that has special meaning to them, and the more you can talk about your own personality, your own values, where you’re from, the more likely you’re going to connect…

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