The Art School Podcast

The Art School Podcast


The Art School Podcast is a space for creatives to step into the full expression of their vision and achieve their goals and dreams. The creative process can be applied to creating extraordinary results in all areas of life, in money and personal wellness just as much as in art, and Master Certified Life Coach, artist, and former lawyer Leah Badertscher can show you how. If you can create a painting, a song, or a poem, you can create exactly what you want in all of life. Join Leah each week and learn how to apply principles of the creative process, training, mindset coaching, mental discipline, and rigor to creating the art, money and life you want as a successful artist or creative.

Last week, Sandra shared the story about how a little girl who was raised in a tiny mud hut in Zimbabwe with no running water or electricity became a woman who built seven-figure and eight-figure businesses, losing and finding herself and her alignment in the process.

Tune in this week to discover the intricacies of building a life on your own terms, from the inside out. We’re discussing the sticking points that keep so many women from valuing their value and sharing their story with the world, and I’m diving into how to find what really lights you up, and why that is what’s going to make the biggest impact.

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