Taming Lightning

Taming Lightning


Welcome back or welcome to the Taming Lightning Podcast, I’m Percy Echols II. I’m the creator and host of Taming Lightning, as well as emerging Plasma Tech at Pittsburgh Glass Center, where I’m researching and developing a space for exploring Plasma and Neon Light. Taming Lightning Podcast is a series of conversations to help expand our understanding of Plasma and Neon Light – looking beyond it’s associations with novelty and sign making, and to explore the potential for Noble Gases as an artistic medium with each guest sharing their unique knowledge and experience.

Hello Lightning Tamers! This is episode number 48 and in this podcast returning to Taming Lightning, I’ll talk about what I learned during my hiatus both in plasma and career, update on the podcast scheduled through the end of 2022, and talk about What I’m doing now!

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– Music credits to the following artists in order of appearance:

– The Art of dying quote from Bruce Lee from Longstreet
– The opening theme -Taming Lightning by Trav B. Ryan
– Credits – Walking by Ras-Hop

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