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Soft Revolution


The intersection of art, culture and politics. Hosted by Torquil Campbell and Ali Momen. Each week Torquil and Ali get together with fellow musicians, actors, and artists to discuss the latest in the world of art, society, culture, and politics. The conversation is lively, free of crap, and with a unique perspective that only these two guys can bring. Send your comments to! Join us on Patreon and get BONUS EPISODES, EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, and MORE!

Compass Artist Management has stopped paying their clients to the tune of over $500k and it’s time we step up and change the system. Please help these affected artists at

Other topics : Torq thinks throwing oil on Van Gogh is amazing while Ali thinks it’s merely a first draft, and what to do when we get so caught up in identity politics and Doug Ford actually does big things?


Actors say Toronto talent agency Compass owes them more than $230,000 for work – The Globe and Mail



Lydia Persaud


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