Shockoe Artspeak

Shockoe Artspeak


Shockoe Artspeak is a podcast about art, design and how creative work impacts the world in which we live. With a belief that creative practice is a generative force, co-hosts and professors Ryan Lauterio and Garreth Blackwell, PhD, wade deeply into art and design through cringe-worthy experiences, intellectual banter, debunked lies, stretched metaphors and totally random non sequiturs. These long-form conversations and interviews with artists show how important it is for us to know and be known by other artists, while also taking the time to unpack large questions and topics in art, design and professional practice. Shockoe Artspeak is a production of Shockoe Artspace, a non-profit contemporary art gallery in Richmond, Virginia. This week Ryan, Garreth and Cody sit down with a long-time friend of the gallery, Richmond painter Curtis Newkirk, Jr. to hang out and just have a relaxed conversation. While the structure of a topic-based discussion is helpful in distilling information, conversations build relationships and can be more organic ways to get to topics that …

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