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Join us, Stauney (a graphic designer) & Sadie (a singer-songwriter) every Monday as we explore the life & legacy of female artists, musicians, authors, actresses (and more!) that history ignored. You can expect in-depth discussions, pop culture chats, feminist insights & lots of interesting facts about what it involved to be a female artist over 100 years ago… as well as what’s the same and different for artists today!

It’s Halloween and the last official episode of More Than A Muse Monster month! Have you ever noticed modern monsters are mostly men… or some form of man? The creatures of mythology are often similarly afflicted… and yet, hidden history is riddled with the stories of women who turned into monstrous forms… but maybe for good reason? This week we are diving into the deep mythology and folklore surrounding legendary women monsters. From harpies, sirens, and furies to Medusa, La Llorona, and Black Annis. We’re talking about the legends surrounding women of mythos, and the misogyny behind their lore that shows how deep the fear of women runs throughout our history and attempts to answer questions like “what is the world’s obsession with women being pretty even when they’re “evil”?” and “Are any of these female monster myths rooted in anything other than sexism?”

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