Getting To The Truth In This Art

Getting To The Truth In This Art


The Truth In This Art Podcast hosted by Rob Lee is a series of candid, intellectually curious conversations with artists, creatives and entrepreneurs — about their process, ideas that go into their work, and everything in between. Listen to the complete archives of 400-plus interviews with guests from Baltimore & beyond including photographer Devin Allen, filmmaker (Afro-Punk) & graphic novelist James Spooner, comedian Roxxy Haze, NPR’s LaFontaine Oliver and many more.

Monster Maker Tristian TrisRex Johnson was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, where he was enamored by horror/sci-fi films, comics, and action figures at an early age. He’s most known for his dark and dramatic take on well-known DC Comics characters paired with horror elements such as his take on Swamp Thing titled “The Green” and 2021’s terrifying Red Lantern titled “Lord Atrocitus” which received high praise in Stan Winston School of Character Arts’s Halloween contest. His cinematic and highly detailed style has landed him on the cover of Cosplay Alliance Magazine and appearances on Cinema Makeup School, Dread Central, DC Comics, Shortboxed and many others.

TrisRex describes his work as “a wearable journal for what I’m experiencing in life” as his therapeutic journey quickly turned into a monstrous passion which can be seen in his reimagining of Patrick Gleason’s Hellbat Armor from 2014’s Batman and Robin #33.Through his exploration of vintage practical FX paired with modern cosplay, he uses his platform to share tools and techniques to help the cosplay community embrace their own inner monster. When TrisRex is not bringing nightmares to life he works as an Analyst and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and reptilian children.

The Truth In This Art

The Truth In This Art is a podcast interview series supporting vibrancy and development of Baltimore & beyond’s arts and culture.

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