For Good Measure

For Good Measure


Ensemble for These Times in conversation with BIPOC and women creative artists. Weekly episodes starting June 6, 2022.

For Good Measure, by Ensemble for These Times (E4TT)
Episode 21: Darian Donovan Thomas (part 1)

Looking for a way to listen to diverse creators and to support equity in the arts? Tune in weekly to For Good Measure!

In this week’s episode, we talk to Darian Donovan Thomas about finding his identity and voice as a composer, his multicultural background, and what it means to be media queer. If you enjoyed today’s conversation and want to know more about Darian Donovan Thomas, check him out here: . Parts of this episode originally premiered on January 2021, found on Youtube, click here.

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Intro music: “Trifolium” by Gabriela Ortiz, performed by E4TT (Ilana Blumberg, violin; Abigail Monroe, cello; Margaret Halbig, piano), as part of “Below the Surface: Music by Women Composers,” January 29, 2022
Outro music: “Lake Turkana” by Marcus Norris, performed by E4TT (Margaret Halbig, piano), as part of “Alchemy,” October 15, 2021

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Producer, Host, and E4TT co-founder: Nanette McGuinness
Audio Engineer: Stephanie M. Neumann
Podcast Cover Art: Brennan Stokes
Interns: Roziht Edwards and Merve Tokar

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