‘Art Is…’ a podcast for artists

‘Art Is…’ a podcast for artists


We are brainstorming the future of the art world. On Art Is… Isotta Page encourages other emerging artists, students and early-career creatives to collectively visualize the future of the art world and the creative industries.

Season 1 is a narrative miniseries—7 short monologues designed to spark your interest and introduce you to creative knowledge tools, emerging tech, innovative business models, and alternative mindsets impacting artists today.

Season 2 revisits each theme from Season 1 through conversations with creative thought leaders, emerging artists, and change-makers in the tech industry, design world and startup space.

Season 3 follows the theme ‘artists leveraging tech’ and dives into new ideas around digital strategy and leadership for artists and creatives. We also return to topics from past seasons including: learning from beyond the traditional art world (especially startup and design spaces), exploring alternative business models and investigating the opportunities presented by emerging tech (NFT’s, Metaverse, Web 3 and more! ).

Art Is… seeks to destigmatize storytelling, break down barriers between creative disciplines, and embolden artists to broaden their perspectives by learning from other industries. On the podcast, we push back against traditional art world norms to gain agency over our art careers and work to build a creative community that will change the landscape of contemporary art and beyond.

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Welcome to this week’s episode of Art Is… a podcast for artists where Cindy Leung, ceramic artist and Artist-in-Residence at Belger Art Center, advises young artists to put aside the ego of Instagram and feel confident in having an online portfolio to passively promote.

Using Instagram as an online portfolio can be intimidating as you compare yourself to other artists. Cindy recommends reframing these negative experiences into positive ones by simply reaching out to the artist and asking how they received an opportunity. She tells us the most effective way to get what you want is to ask for it.

Apart from looking for opportunities, how are young artists able to sell their work? Talking to galleries via email or in person is a thing of the past and e-commerce is leading the way in the art industry. Getting recognized and, even better, liked, is best showcased on–you guessed it–Instagram.

Join Isotta on today’s episode as Cindy Leung talks us through selling artwork passively and actively and how a consumer determines the value of said artwork.

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Topics Covered:

– Using Instagram as a tool to promote themselves but not letting it intimidate you
– Peer to peer resource pool to encourage artists
– Sellable art passively through galleries and actively through craft fairs
– How to talk to galleries versus selling artwork via Instagram or Etsy
– Value of the artwork versus liking the artist as a person
– Affordable art, what is affordable art and how do we determine what that is?

Guest Info:

Connect with Cindy Leung on Instagram, on her website, or via email at cindy.clsy@gmail.com

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