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This week on the show we travel to Switzerland to visit with media conservator Martina Haidvogl. We’ve heard the conservation program at the Bern Academy of the Arts mentioned a few times on the show so far, as for a long time it was really the only formal conservation training program that had time-based media as a specialization. With time spent in Bern, and as an alum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Martina was one of the few first conservators to arrive in the US with formal time-based media conservation training, and now co-directs the Bern Contemporary Art and Media conservation program, so suffice it to say, she’s kind a big deal. In our chat we hear about Martina’s formative experiences in her early years training as a conservator, the accomplished eight-plus years she spent at SFMOMA’s first-ever time-based media art conservator, and the deeply important work she is doing now to train the next generation. We’ll also hear about how Martina is thinking through how the conservation profession and the arts ecosystem needs to adapt and evolve to a rapidly changing world around us. Tune in to hear Martina’s story!

Links from the conversation with Martina>About Team Media at SFMOMA:
> About caring for technology-based artworks and design objects:
> On SFMOMA’s MediaWiki documentation platform:
> About the HKB’s Contemporary Art and Media training program:
> Symposium Contemporary Art Conservation Revisited: 20 years later (program & videos):

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