And She Looked Up Creative Hour

And She Looked Up Creative Hour


Melissa Hartfiel and Lisa Bolton, both successful solo creative entrepreneurs, have dedicated this podcast to sharing their experiences, lessons, ideas and business strategies so that you can make the most of creating what you love. They are dedicated to inspiring makers, creators and artists to keep (or start!) pursuing their creative passion in life because they know making a living as an artist also means making a living as an entrepreneur. Both women bring extensive corporate, entrepreneurial and artistic experience to each episode. Melissa spent 20 years in the pharmacy retail industry both on the front lines and in management and corporate headquarters roles before chucking it all in to become a designer, illustrator, writer, and photographer. She has been self-employed since 2010 and has since co-founded a multi 6 figure a year company and currently runs three successful ventures in the creative space. Lisa spent 15 years in small business and retail banking before shifting gears to become a full-time food stylist and photographer where she parlayed that into becoming the author of a national best-selling cookbook. This creative podcast helps you tackle topics such as taking risks, self-doubt, creative burnout, the inner critic, finding inspiration, time management and discovering your community. Together, we are excited to have engaging, educational and inspiring conversations on what it’s like to be an artist AND an entrepreneur.

As part of our ongoing series profiling creative Canadian women, this week we sit down with Newfoundlander, Gabby Peyton. Hailing from St. John’s, Gabby is a freelance writer, journalist, archaeological dig illustrator and food photographer with feet itching to travel. Find out how this multi-passionate creative has built a life she loves that celebrates all her creative callings.

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And She Looked Up Creative Hour Podcast

And She Looked Upwas born from belief that creating for a living takes a special kind of person: one part artist and one part businessperson. Some days the artist gets to be in charge, and some days, it’s the businessperson. And sometimes that can create tension! But tension can be a really good thing – from it comes new ideas, inspiration, and growth.

When you run a creative business you need to keep your “inspiration well” full, your mind and body healthy and your business brain sharp. You also need friends and a community that understand what your days are like.

That’s why And She Looked Up was created – to create a space for Canadian female artists, creatives and makers to come together and share our ideas and stories while growing our creative businesses! Your host Melissa Hartfiel is a designer, illustrator, writer, and photographer with a penchant for vibrant colour. She’s owns three businesses and has been a self-employed creative since 2010. She resides just outside of Vancouver, Canada.

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