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Helping emerging filmmakers become working directors faster. This weekly podcast will ask filmmakers the tough questions and offer guidance every step of the way with one goal in mind: help you make a living doing what you love, directing. For even more help expanding your directing career, visit TheWorkingDirector.Pro. There you can apply to be in our accelerator that helps you go from where you currently are to where you want to be; as well as, join our free private FB group. Hosted by director Jenn Page.

How do you get your first feature film? How do you nurture relationships to get the first (and the second…and third…and fourth…)? How does social media come in to play for all of it? And so much more! Filmmaker Kristin Fairweather is fresh off her 5th feature and we are going to share how she got her films so you can start getting yours!

(Episode 32)

Hosted by Director/ProducerJenn Page.

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More on Kristin:

Kristin Fairweather is an award-winning, independent filmmaker whose experience in politics, advocacy, and women’s empowerment creates a unique lens for her critically-acclaimed work.

Kristin holds a Master’s degree in Politics from University of Pennsylvania and served as a senior campaign strategist and Gubernatorial appointee. She is an avid supporter of the nationally recognized Girls on the Run program and other initiatives promoting equity and inclusivity. This background informs Kristin’s cinematic perspective as an accomplished director, writer, and producer of successful film, television, and commercial work.

Kristin is currently in development on a documentary feature “Breathing Underwater: America’s Invisible Women”, which was a finalist for the ScreenCraft Film Fellowship. She has directed five features, most recently “Infamously in Love”, now playing on UPtv. In addition to her directing work, Kristin produced three critically-acclaimed independent films.

Kristin was selected by Sony Pictures as one of the first filmmakers in their Sony Alpha Female Creative Residency. She was also a shadowing director on Fox’s “911” during her fellowship in Ryan Murphy’s HALF directing program. Additionally, Kristin has directed several short films and high-profile commercials. Kristin’s award-winning short film “Grace” premiered at HollyShorts and went on to play at film festivals across the country. Her work has been supported by Tribeca, Film Independent, IFP, Sony and Netflix Find Your Voice.


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