The Filming with Josh Podcast

The Filming with Josh Podcast


This is the Filming with Josh podcast, the videographers’ home for tips, tricks and how to make flicks. Every week we discuss filming, editing, camera equipment and video production business strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are just starting out, our podcast is for anyone who’s interested in today’s video production industry.

On this episode of The Filming with Josh Podcast, host Joshua Milligan tells the story of the worst client he’s ever had. In over a decade of producing videos, Josh has ran into all kinds of clients and most of them have been great to work with. But every once in a while in this line of business, you’re bound to run into a bad apple. In this podcast Josh will take you back to 2016 where he ran into the worst client of his career to date. If you’re in the video business and are in need of a good story while rendering out a project, then this podcast is for you!

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