Script/2/Screen: The BOSSG Podcast

Script/2/Screen: The BOSSG Podcast


J.C Stewart and Kenyatta Hoskins are co-organizers of the Boston Screenwriter’s Group (BOSSG) and filmmakers who just love talking about movies with Boston Area educator and fellow cinephile Mark Liddell. Join us and other guests as we bring you discussions on movies, streaming shows, and interviews with filmmakers with our On/Set segment! We’ll aim to give you in-depth opinions on the story, messages, and techniques behind these works. Join the BOSSG here: and see links on our Anchor profile! Email: Support this podcast:

Continuing on our journey in time via the movies we take stock of our favorite movies from 1982, a banner year for sci-fi and fantasy movies. Find out which movies from 40 years ago we return to again and again. We’re getting into the season with a few reviews on recent horror movies, next time is the indie sensation ‘Barbarian’. Queue us up for that podcast and more thru this Halloween season. Feel free to leave us a rating or review on Apple Podcasts and other platforms while sending us a nice *email let us know how we’re doing! You can support this podcast and the screenwriter’s group with a monthly donation by clicking on the link provided below this description. You can find Kenyatta and JC hosting the Boston Screenwriters Group Virtual screenwriters Join the BOSSG for our schedule here: and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram using the links on our Anchor website! Wishing you all the best in your writing, movie watching, streaming series, and taking care of each other.


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