One of us is Board

One of us is Board


Welcome to One of us is Board, a professionally unprofessional film podcast where two film graduates prove that a degree doesn’t equate to knowing what the hell you’re talking about when it comes to the movies. Why not join us and let us know what we got wrong! (All complaints to Calum please – he’d love to hear them!)

This week we continue our Spoopy Halloween month with Bearry (2021) and it’s entirely possible that we are some of the only people on the planet who have watched this film. It’s on Amazon, but so are we now, and if the choice is between watching a confused murderous bear and listening to us, what would you rather do? We’ve made it sound more interesting in that one sentence than it actually is, so beware.

Join us next week as Calum makes us watch Cats (2019)

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