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Making Media Now, presented by Filmmakers Collaborative and hosted by Michael Azevedo, is a podcast dedicated to presenting informative and enlightening conversations with creators of all stripes–filmmakers, writers, directors, editors, technical experts–about their process, their vision, their joys and challenges. Listen in to meet visionaries crafting media in a range of genres and for the full spectrum of distribution platforms.

Joining host Michael Azevedo on this episode is writer/director Nicola Rose. Nicola is an award-winning, New York City-based filmmaker whose work is gathering acclaim on the festival circuit. In 2021, Nicola directed her first feature-length film, Goodbye, Petrushka, a coming-of-age comedy about a starry-eyed, awkward young woman with a big heart who meets a down-on-his-luck figure skater in Paris.

Nicola also directed, produced and/or wrote the shorts Creative Block (2017), In the Land of Moonstones (2018), Gabrielle (2019), and Biff & Me, all of which have won numerous awards on the indie film festival circuit.

Making Media Now is sponsored byFilmmakers Collaborative, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting media makers from across the creative spectrum. From providing fiscal sponsorship to presenting an array of informative and educational programs, FC supports creatives at every step in their journey. About the host: and Sound Engineer: A.J. Kierstead

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