Life’s Learning Curve

Life’s Learning Curve


How we became us! We take a look backward & find ourselves negotiating our LIFE EXPERIENCES, discovering life’s various tones -comedy, drama, and nostalgia. Our podcast offers imagery of a documentary recreation, but for audio. Life happens in a heartbeat. Let’s learn, thrive and love from our experiences while we’re here. Cheers!

Did you ever have a teacher whose passion and excitement for learning drove you AND your peers to excel? In this episode Paul is in 8th Grade, and his new band teacher is young, fun, talented, interesting, fair and engaging with all of his students. Quelling immature student behavior, Mr. Roush nurtured the band class to exceed expectations. Paul and his classmates slowly begin to understand that a single person can find, and then pull the BEST YOU out of you. At that point in his hife, learning became a passion. Until it happened…

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