I Don’t Give A Flick!

I Don’t Give A Flick!


‘I Don’t Give A Flick!’ is a comedic and exploratory podcast, hosted by LeadFeather Productions. IDGAF takes an in-depth look at the world of film and media. Through interviews and expert analysis from professionals and movie buffs that work in the field of TV, film, web series and so much more. Join producers and hosts Jonny Blackburn, Gary Elmore and Neil Reilly for a podcast like never before. With eye opening conversations and gut wrenching laughs, about genre theories and what happens behind the scenes, in the world of media and film.

With Halloween quickly approaching, ghosts and ghouls begin to come out of the woodwork and roam the world of the living. But, how did we get here? Join Jonny and Gary this week as we explore the path of the damned, from the 1960s through today. Special guests this week are Ian Webb of the hit podcast Cult & Trash Horror Movie Grind, Jacob Johnson of the hit podcast Jacob and Rhys Vs. Evil, and Jackie Fegter, a TV and Film producer and horror aficionado.

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