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Today we’re live from Studio 39 and I’m joined by a Sergio Ayala, he’s an online fitness coach. Will be talking about how he onboards and coaches new Fitness Clients, getting a game plan and building the right mindset towards a Healthy Lifestyle, Trainer vs Therapist, and what Program are we currently on, that and much more.

Here’s what listeners can learn:
– Having a Gameplan
– How To Onboard And Coach New Fitness Clients
– Trainer vs Therapist
– Having The Right Mindset Outside Of The Gym

Guest: Sergio Ayala – Instagram (@sergioayala_fit)
Website: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecLJeH-WWUyM5nhM76bRb-LrYIyHQqqmn4EuHrX405dHPKqw/viewform

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