Beyond the Screenplay

Beyond the Screenplay


“Lessons from the Screenplay” creator Michael Tucker and the LFTS team do deeper dives into the storytelling of individual movies and chat with the creatives behind those films. The BTS team discusses the design of the central characters, the film’s masterful use of setup and payoff, and which elements of the story were not in the script but rather discovered during production. 🚀 Sign up for MUBI today using to get 30 days of great cinema for free. 👕 ***WE HAVE BEYOND THE SCREENPLAY MERCH NOW*** 🎧 Listen to our episode on The Village over on our Patreon: 🎬 Join our community! Head to the Beyond the Screenplay Patreon: 🎬 Stealing Time, Alex and Michael’s time travel short film: ☕️ LFTS Merch: Find us on Twitter Beyond the Screenplay: Michael Tucker: Tricia Aurand: Brian Bitner: Alex Calleros: Produced by Vince Major: Website: For Inquiries and Booking:

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