Think Big – English for Architects with Tara Cull

Think Big – English for Architects with Tara Cull


Think Big is for anyone working in or interested in architecture and its various disciplines who want to take their English language skills to the next level. Built design disciplines transcend many disciplines, so to think like an architect, we need to explore the intersections. Think Big is so much more than just learning the technical teems or the names of houses, buildings or landscapes. We explore all the topics related to architecture, communication and culture to help you improve your English at the same time.

In episode 30 of Think Big Podcast, the first in season 2, I summarise some of my biggest learnings about housing affordability and its impact on the architecture and design profession.

Think Big is a podcast is for you if English is your second, third or (fourth – impressive!) language and you want to build more relevant vocabulary naturally by listening to interesting topics in architecture and feel more confident to use the language at work or in your studies.

We don’t JUST focus on the grammar, we get you excited again about improving your language and communication skills:

In this episode I discuss:

✨ What housing affordability is and why it matters

✨ The role architects and designers should play and the key things we can do

✨ Some interesting project examples

This is just one of the many varied topics my clients and I discuss in our sessions to build relevant vocabulary and get them to speak and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions!

Tara’s details:

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