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There’s Something about Archviz


There’s Something about Archviz is on a journey to deliver insight and knowledge on important topics connected with the field of archviz through a series of informal conversations with industry leaders and experts.

The job market was deeply affected by the pandemic. Many have started reevaluating their priorities, quit their old jobs, and perhaps shifted careers, starting the so-called Great Resignation. Today, however, I’m going to focus on another hot topic connected to the job market, which is the whole work-from-home debate.

Our industry has very mixed stances when it comes to remote work. I’ve had many conversations about that these two years and heard many different opinions and I’ve been setting up my own home office myself way before the pandemic started.

However, today I’m giving the spotlight to Massimiliano Napoli, Head of Still Images Production at Diorama.

Diorama is set up as a production house rather than an archviz studio, and as such, it relies a lot on freelance work power. Diorama has always looked at remote work as a feasible business model, but the pandemic has pushed them to completely ditch the physical office and go full remote.

In this episode, we go deeper into it, and discuss the lessons Diorama has learned from the pandemic in managing remote work, but also its limitations, especially when it comes to integrating junior and entry-level artists. We also go through some info on their technical setup for remote work and talk a lot about teamwork and the power of freelancing connected to their business model.

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