The Perspecta: Stories of Modernism

The Perspecta: Stories of Modernism


Modernist design: it is timeless, clean, functional, and often familiar. The more you learn, the more you recognize… it is all around us. Upon reflection, admiration grows. The Perspecta aims to expand your knowledge, through tastefully interviewing the most interesting, conversant, and influential members of our community. Come listen, subscribe, and start discovering your next mid-century modern obsession right now.

Our first in-person conversation, a sit down with James Goldstein – the detail & design oriented owner who spent much of his life perfecting the Sheats-Goldstein Residence, hand in hand with iconic architect John Lautner. You’ve seen his home in films and music videos (Big Lebowski, Snoop, Doja Cat), but never before has he shared so much information about process, influences and more.

You may recognize his presence from courtside NBA or recently being featured in Adam Sandler’s movie Hustle. He has 3 words on his business card, Fashion, Basketball, Architecture – and my goal in speaking to him was to really focus on the third, to continue driving awareness and education around Modernism. Take a seat next to The Dude & enjoy our conversation with Jimmy!

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