New Earth Architectress™

New Earth Architectress™


If you’re a high-achieving, heart-centred woman architect or designer who’s hearing a deep call to come out of hiding, unleash your intuitive powers and take your stand as an ancient temple builder of the future…Welcome! Now is the time and we are the ones. The New Earth Architectress™ is a space to explore – what is an Architectress and what is the New Earth? And, how is the evolution in consciousness paving the way for YOUR leading role in architecture? Join your host, Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan, Architectress, Alchemical Healer, Geomancer and creator of The Sacred Blueprint™, to discover the magic that’s possible when you lead a prospering design practice aligned with Spirit & your Divine Calling. Join me for Episode 6 of the New Earth Architectress™, where I talk about your Response-Ability to be an Alchemist of Space & Weaver of Nature so you save this planet! Key nuggets: 02:30 What are in those seeds? 04:38 Your response-ability 06:55 Energies that are pulling us out of our Nature 08:54 Speak the language of Nature 10:11 What do the 5 elements say? 14:00 A key piece for architectural alchemy! 15:14 Imagine building our communities & cities in this way 17:00 Deciding to quit consulting + fear of being ostracized 20:36 Integrating energy in design process > not as an add-on! 23:10 Climate and garbage 26:37 Where the gold is 28:07 Gaia’s transformation and the new space/ place 28:57 One project at a time 30:55 For our children to walk this Earth free

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