M+Ake It Innovative

M+Ake It Innovative


“MAke It Innovative” features deep dive discussions on the world of innovation as it relates to the built environment from MA Design. These innovators are the one that are shifting the ways things are done in Columbus and Cincinnati, introducing new ideas and energy to our evolving cities in a way that elevates human experiences and enriches lives. Hear from inside of the minds of the people that are changing our cities for the better, finding inspiration on what they’re focused on now and getting insight on what’s next.

We proudly share an exclusive reimagined release of the iconic song “You Gotta Be”, now available on Spotify.

Add it to your favorite playlist, or listen now, for an incredible musical experience performed by the amazing Columbus local female artists, Devin Copfer, Liz Fisher and Sydney McSweeney, recorded at local, female owned “Natalie’s” and produced by the MA Design Productions team.

This creative collaboration was created centered around the values of MA Design; honoring diversity, equity and inclusion, celebrating local talented artists in our community and inspiring those that listen to believe in the best that’s yet to come.

Enjoy the listen – share with those you love – and may the message, and music, bring you great joy.

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