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e-Builder Construction Management Podcasts


Insights from construction industry experts on topics related to capital project planning, design, and construction, including the use of project management, BIM, and other software, as well as project delivery methods.

How Can Owners Gain Value from BIM and Reduce Their Risk?

In this podcast, we provide insights on the questions “How can Owners gain value from BIM and reduce their risk?” and offer advice to Owners just getting started with BIM

As part of the narrative, Sam Neider provides two examples on a 1.2 million sq. ft. project where he has been engaged to provide BIM integration services. In this example, the owner was new to BIM and brought Sam on board in the middle of DDs. One of the key concepts discussed is the use of tools that supported both the process and the existing team.

Sam will also share how a “design-coordination-assist” strategy was used to help the owner gain the most value from the BIM process.

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