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The Black Spectacles ARE® Live Podcast is your home for navigating the road to passing the Architect Registration Exam (ARE®) and becoming a licensed architect. Episodes include discussions about specific ARE & NCARB topics, interviews with distinguished architects & guests, and recordings of live broadcasts covering specific exam topics and questions and answers from a live audience. First ever NCARB Approved Test Prep Provider for all 6 divisions of ARE 5.0. Need some extra practice tackling those tough ARE math problems? In this episode, we’ll review questions from the PA, PPD, and PDD divisions, solving complex math questions that you will come across in these three divisions. Virtual Workshop Instructor Hayley Pugh will cover topics such as performing a zoning analysis, calculating the R-value of a wall system, and determining the amount of required parking on a site based on the program and zoning requirements. You can find the Mock Exam link in our ARE Community by going to , and clicking “Resources”, “ARE Community”. If your ARE test prep is benefiting from learning with a licensed architect in real-time, we encourage you to try our Virtual Workshops, available with our Expert Membership. Go to , and click “Pricing”, “Individual” to get started.

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