ARCHLOGBOOK Chats (w Gabriel Chek)

ARCHLOGBOOK Chats (w Gabriel Chek)


ARCHLOGBOOK Chats is a brand new podcast where I, Gabriel Chek, sit down with architecture students, designers, practitioners and academics to discuss the various challenges, acheivements and opportunities in the education and practice of Architecture.

Graduating from Architecture School soon? You would want to tune in as I discuss all things relating to the challenges faced as fresh grads and how we can respond to the various issues that may be faced when starting out.

I chat with the creators behind the architecture content platform ArchiDabble – 3 students studying architecture based in the UK, comprising of Sude, Linda and Elif from the University of Westminster.

We talked about many topics, including:
[01:34] – What were the highlights for the ArchiDabble trio this past year
[03:36] – What made Sude, Linda and Elif start ArchiDabble? How did it start?
[07:18] – Challenges faced as content creators?
[13:17] – My advice for budding content creators
[13:36] – Highlights of ArchiDabbles’s content creation journey?
[18:29] – What the trio thinks their best things they have put out on ArchiDabble is (in terms of vanity metrics and/or content)
[21:38] – Future plans for ArchiDabble?
[27:36] – What the trio see are problems with the Architectural industry
[30:33] – “Do I have the luxury of choosing to say no to poor work cultures ie. working unpaid overtime as a fresh grad?”
[34:47] – Why I believe things are changing for the better for the Architectural industry
[35:46] – How can we raise our value as Architects?
[36:49] – 7 percent of young architecture designers in Singapore are considering to leave in 3 years time
[37:46] – What I am working on to tackle the issue of brain drain in the industry
[40:52] – “As a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in the UK, we’re just at the bottom of the food chain, how much of a say do we have with regards to work practices?”
[44:56] – Advice for young architectural students, designers and graduates.

About ArchiDabble:

ArchiDabble is a architecture content platform by 3 students studying architecture based in the UK, comprising of Sude, Linda and Elif from the University of Westminster. Sude & Elif study on the Architecture BA course and Linda studies Architecture & Environmental Design BSc. The platform was started back when they have had just finished first year of our undergraduate with the intention of providing extra support for current and upcoming architecture students alongside their studies.

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