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SOCOM Athlete is America’s #1 resource for Special Operations Preparation. Host of the “Send Me” Podcast, Jason Sweet is a former Special Operator (USAF PJ), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, and played Football for the University of Arizona & Baseball for Grand Canyon University. He and his father Maurice made American history, serving as Special Operators on the same team at the same time. Since founding SOCOM Athlete in 2017, Jason has trained over 1,000 students nation-wide alongside America’s top Special Guest instructors from various Special Operations Backgrounds: Navy SEAL, USAF CCT & PJ, Army Green Beret & Ranger, and more. This is SOCOM Athlete’s very own podcast; “Send Me!” Discussing all topics surrounding Special Operations careers, training, and preparation.

Matthew Heidt retired as a U.S. Navy SEAL & Senior Chief Petty Officer after 23 years of service, deploying with SEAL Team 4 & SEAL Team 1 to various overseas locations including: Iraq, Bolivia, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, and Panama. While serving in Iraq in 2007, Matt was awarded the Bronze Star Medal w/ Valor for his actions during combat while engaged against hostile forces. Currently, Matt is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, & recent graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management with an MBA in Real Estate Finance. He is now a married father of two, living in San Diego, California.

Matt is a man of God, and serves as the Advisory Board Chairman of the Mighty Oaks Warriors Foundation, a Christian-based organization serving our combat veterans by intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs. Matt tells his story & journey as a Navy SEAL, then opens up for LIVE Q&A with SOCOM Athlete students across the country. He discusses all aspects of spiritual resiliency, battlefield mindset, and more. Enjoy this special episode as we talk about rarely-discussed topics & life as a U.S. Navy SEAL.

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SOCOM Athlete is a special operations veteran-owned, nation-wide program & vast online community providing individuals of all ages in pursuit of various Special Operations career-fields a full-spectrum resource to maximize readiness via: nation-wide hosting of events, nation-wide online training groups, leadership skills & team communication development, workout programming, elite physical training/mentoring, career information/Q&A, and curriculum development.

We have many former students that have accomplished their goals, and are now serving as Special Operators in the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army Special Operations community. Will YOU be next? Contact us via email, social media, or in the comments below.

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